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Grand Rounds - Quarterly Webinars
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Topic: 'Exploring the Provings of the Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy'                                                                                                        February 6th 7-9:00 PM

Presenter:  Jason-Aeric Huenecke

Location:   Webinar

Time:              7:00 PM

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Topic:  Blockages to cure and high trituration                                                                    April 29th, 7-9:00 PM  

Presenter:  Paul Theriault

Location:  Webinar 

Time:             7:00 PM

There has been a general consensus within Homeopathy that patients have become much less responsive to remedies in the last several decades. A number of factors have been suggested for this decline, with numerous approaches, such as CEASE and the Meuller method being used to overcome this issue.


Dr. Paul Theriault has completed an extensive series of triturations designed to create remedies that will address these factors, enabling more successful Homeopathic treatment of the patient. In this seminar, three of these remedies will be presented, on chemical toxicity, chronic infections, and unhealed acute infections.

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Topic:  The Circle of Elements                     July 10th, 7-9 PM                       

Presenter:  Jake Kiakahi

Location:  Webinar 

Time:              7:00 PM

To the degree that we can perceive the disparate-seeming symptoms of a case as the concrete external expressions of a singular internal energetic condition, we can study and prescribe for cases with clarity and peace of mind.  The Circle of the Elements, sometimes also referred to as the Mappa Mundi, is a profoundly useful conceptual tool for deepening one's understanding of remedies and cases. Made known by Jeremy Sherr, it was introduced by Joseph Reves in his commentary on the Organon and his 24 Chapters in Homeopathy. Both of Reves' books are out of print, but Jake will provide a review of Reves' writing on the subject, and show examples of how the Circle can be used to map both cases and remedies, thus assisting us in our quest to match one to the other in that union which we call healing.


"In the healthy person, none of the elements (fire, air, water, earth) will give its extreme expression. The person will not be static like water or like air that diffuses, he will not be like earth that does not move or fire that melts everything, he will be in the centre where he has all the elements. Every expression of mixing and confusion within the elements (dyscrasia) will be expressed by a usage of something, or a certain function relating to a substance that it is not normally connected to or associated with. For example, someone buys a car because of its colour or loves a woman because of the soup she cooks. If the person is a pure vessel he will continuously elevate and will have pleasure. The moment the person closes his heart, his will and his mind, the physical body will function similarly, like the person himself. The expression of illness is suffering and that of health is pleasure. A healthy person has the ability to choose what he wants, but the sick person does not have this ability, it was taken away from him. He pretends that he does have this ability, but practically he is controlled by a force."


"... the medieval world maps (the mappae mundi) both from their concept and in their concrete practice are founded on a systematically geometric projection of the known world. The basis of this projection, however, is not geographical surveying but the harmonious order of G-d's creation."


quotes from Joseph Reves' 24 Chapters in Homeopathy and Wikipedia.  


Jake Kiakahi has practiced homeopathy in the Twin Cities since 1997. He was a student in the first class at the Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy, and is a 1999 graduate of The Dynamis School for Advanced Homeopathic Studies. In addition to his clinical practice, he has mentored new homeopaths and homeopathic students for 20 years, teaches at NAH and AHE, owns and operates a homeopathic dispensary, and has conducted, edited, and repertorized new homeopathic provings, including Gallium metallicum, Taxus brevifolia (Pacific yew), Zizania palustris (wild rice), and Plutonium nitricum.

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Topic:   Homeopathy and Chakras     October 7th, 7-9 PM     


Presenter:  Dave Johnson and Kirsten DeHaven

Location:   Webinar

Time:              7:00 PM 

Kirsten will introduce the chakras (history and meaning), overview of each chakra (name in english/sanskrit, physical, mental and emotional attributes, balancing exercises). Dave will then talk about examples of prototypical remedies matching respective chakra imbalances. How certain remedy states affect coexisting chakra imbalances. Then broader groups of remedies will also be discussed relative to chakras.

If you are grand rounds pass holder, just email our Education Chair if you're coming OR NEED THE RECORDING:  EMAIL

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