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COMING To MN - Watch trailer & sign up

We are excited to host this documentary!  Sign up with friends and family to view this informative film on Homeopathy!  Hopkins MN at The Eisenhower Center on December 12th, 2018 at 7:00 PM.

annual conference

Rub elbows with fellow homeopaths, the community and MHA founders.  Learn, grow and feel the passion within our homeopathic network.  Everyone attending the annual conference has something in common - so come, see old friends and make new ones; possibly even meet a new mentor or role model. Always a great opportunity with exciting aspects of our conference, is the chance to network with others and learn something new.

Grand Rounds

Grand rounds can help build and promote our homeopathic community.  Think about it! Increased texting, email, and Facebook means that we can get through our days without actual human contact!  Grand rounds provides a venue for all the members of our homeopathic network to schmooze and bond.  It's an opportunity for practitioners, students and the community to interact and create the mutual respect that fuels a great Association.

Inaugural 5K walk/run Fundraiser

We are excited to have adopted this new 5K walk./run Fundraiser for our organization.  Can you imagine the excitement and inspiration this will bring to our network of homeopaths and the community.   Come and be a part of this exciting annual event!

Annual Meeting for MHA Members

This meeting is for you members!  Come and meet the Board of Directors.  Mingle and connect with fellow members.  Address concerns, ideas and praises about what MHA is doing.  Lets together continue to grow, encourage and develop our organization to meet the needs of you and our community!

Homeopathic Library Talks

MHA is in the process of sponsoring FREE health talks called homeopathy in action to help our surrounding communities learn, utilize and become healthier. The talks cover basic homeopathic information and are delivered in easy-to-understand way, with plenty of time for questions and answers. They will take place in community settings, such as places of worship, recreation centers, and libraries.  Our Library Talks will be conducted by  scheduled list of volunteer Practitioners.  

Personal relationships are always the key to good business. You can buy networking; you can't buy friendships.


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