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MHA History

The MHA was founded in 1998 growing out of a need of professional homeopaths to support each other and network in improving their patient care. It has grown to an association that provides professional development, networking and support along with  

continuing education for our community of homeopaths and the general public.

Our goal is to serve and support the professional homeopaths and those seeking homeopathic care through education, articles and discussions. MHA will continue to provide directory of practitioners.

MHA is a 501c6  which means membership dues for homeopathic practitioners and students are currently tax deductible as part of their business expense.  

Founders of MHA

Eric Somerman, Jacob Mirman, Sujata Owens, Val Ohanian

vision of mha...

The Minnesota Homeopathic Association's vision is to always stay aware of the changing needs and requirements which will grow, educate and cultivate relationships with our professional practitioners and the community.  Connecting both together which provides hope, healing and health.

mission of mha...

The Minnesota Homeopathic Association's mission is dedicated to the promotion of homeopathy as a safe and effective health care choice.  It seeks to protect the public interest by upholding high standards of care by its member practitioners allowing service and support by its professional homeopaths to the community.      

Minnesota Homeopathic Association

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